Our Services

Our main business endeavors are divided into two main fields: engineering software and consulting for operational and strategic planning.

Engineering Software


EOSTrack is the regional distributor for exclusive engineering software solutions in the Middle East territory. We manage marketing campaigns in the applied countries and regions, while at the same time providing after sales and technical support services. Following up the customer satisfaction and the product effectiveness is one of our most valuable responsibilities.


Consulting in Operations


EOSTrack provides solutions for operational problems in different fields such as transportation problems, airline fleet management problems, minimum cost flow network models, optimization problems, supply chain problems, etc…

A team of engineers, programmers, CAD system specialist and administration staff collaborate to generate and provide the appropriate solutions and recommendations to our customers to find the best setting for their businesses. With our team members have experience in the field of operational management and engineering systems, we aim to increase the profit margins for corporate and minimize their operating costs.