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COMING UP - Egypt STEEL CONFERENCE March 14-16, 2019

FABEX - Metal & Steel : Middle East 2019 in the 10th international exhibition for steel, steel fabrication, Metal Forming, Fabricating and Finishing.

FABEX Middle East Exhibition showcases the broadest range of all aspects of metal forming, cutting, welding, Automation, finishing machinery, equipment and tools. It puts a spotlight on smart manufacturing, high-end equipment and innovative technologies from around the world.

It attracts visitors from small and medium-sized companies as well as large enterprises who are looking to source a variety of different and cost-effective manufacturing solutions and technologies including:

  • Metal-forming machinery.

  • Metal-cutting machinery & tools.

  • Welding equipment.

  • Thermal treatment and coating equipment.

  • Foundry equipment.

  • Surface preparation & Finishing equipment.

  • Robotics and process Automation Technologies.

  • Control and measuring machinery, instruments and tools.

  • Accessories, equipment, components, tooling, hardware and software.

EOSTrack and Simufact Engineering will be having a joined display and participating in booth D35 - come talk to us!

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Europe & Middle East - Kickoff Meeting, Barcelona Spain - January 2019

In the Europe, Middle-East and Africa (EMEA) Kickoff MSC Software top level executive and managers provided a platform full of information about the new features that our simulations have been enhanced with, how this improves the projects that we are involved in all over the region by reducing the time it takes for engineers and designers to analyze and modify their solution until they reach an optimum design. Moreover, the new strategy forward is to simplify as much as possible the process by integrating as many tools as possible under one platform to make a streamlined method for our customers to use.  Some of the announcements that are released for this year are: New MSC Adams 2.0 features and capabilities, MSC Apex Iberian Lynx release with it’s most exciting new feature that incorporates the Apex-Nastran-Apex workflow with enhanced up to 10x productivity in pre/post processing for users using it.

Another important announcement for our solutions is the new effort of “Co-simulation – where Multiphysics gets Real.  A more holistic performance on how we engineer things: Co-simulation provides engineers with a unique, more complete & holistic performance insight by coupling together multiple simulation disciplines.  Everything from acoustics to multibody dynamics (MBD), to CFD, to structural analysis, and explicit crash dynamics can be connected together in MSC

We can’t wait to implement all of these solutions to bring forth the best software simulation techniques in engineering for Egypt and the Middle East!  If you would like to have a free trial in any of these software solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will help you decide what’s the best product for your specific case and provide a trial version of any tool you might be interested in.

Simufact solutions for manufacturing process simulation

Egypt Roadshow - November 2018

We welcomed to Egypt our IMEA channel manager of MSC Software - Dr. Omar Aït-Salem Duque from Madrid, Spain; as well as the Director of Global Channel Business from Simufact – Michel Pereme from France: which are now both part of Hexagon as our umbrella company.   This year we visited some companies specifically facing challenges in the Steel Industry as well as Design/Manufacturing processes of pressure vessels.  Mr. Michel Pereme and Dr. Omar Duque provide with unique technical insights for complex issues that are now common in the industry. 

Dr. Omar Duque, the IMEA regional manager of MSC Software, presented some seminars about the latest industry updates in Finite Element, Fatigue, Multi-body Dynamics, Virtual Testing and CFD.

Mr. Michel Pereme, Director of global channel business of Simufact, talked about the latest industry updates worldwide in the manufacturing simulation including forming, welding, and additive manufacturing (3D printing).


Europe & Middle East - Kickoff Meeting, Nice France - February 2017

This year’s regional meeting event, the discussions were especially directed at how to solve the problems each one of our customers is facing with.  There were case scenarios that demonstrated what was the initial inquiry, what was the customer’s need and biggest problem, and what specific set of software simulation tools were they provided to arrive at an improved output of return of investment, savings in their operation and design costs plus much more accuracy in their requirements. 

In addition, the days also included the explanation of features for each one of the software solutions in our portfolio in order to best evaluate what is the most suitable solution for each industry and business project. 

A new acquisition from the company was announced: Cradle CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics).


Egypt Roadshow - December 2016

We closed this year with a new commitment to the academic sector in Egypt.  Our belief is to invest in our students, as they are the future of this country and the region, in order to better prepare them to become the best professionals in their field.   Our roadshow this year included visits to AUC, EJUST, Cairo University, Zewail and Nile University, where we presented the latest simulation solutions that are available in the market, and also available for a student version for them in order to help them speed up their analysis, create more robust design projects and enter in a more competitive market and student competitions.   If you’re a student and would like to have a student license version of our simulation software, please contact us and we will make sure to provide it for you!