Optimizing Business Solutions


Our consulting services are best suited for those companies that are concerned with planning, organizing and supervising their production, manufacturing or provision of services to ensure that they successfully turn their inputs to outputs in an efficient manner.

Today it has become increasingly important to careful consider the use of resources as well as cost-effectiveness in a strategic manner in order to ensure that an organization stays ahead of its competition in an era in which customer expectations have skyrocketed and resources can often be in short supply.

We can help you evaluate important key components in your business: either with the acquisition of goods or services from external resources, involved internal processes, and the use of your resources in order to improve your company’s sustainability.

Operations decisions include decisions that are strategic in nature, meaning that they have long-term consequences and often involve a great deal of expense and resource commitments.

Strategic and tactical operations decisions determine how well the organization can accomplish its goals. They also provide opportunities for the organization to achieve unique competitive advantages that attract and keep customers.

Strategic Operations

Strategic operations decisions include the following:

  • facility location decisions,

  • the type of technologies that the organization will use,

  • determining how labor and equipment are organized,

  • how much long-term capacity the organization will provide to meet customer demand.

Tactical Operations

Tactical operations decisions have short to medium term impact on the organization, often involve less commitment of resources, and can be changed more easily than strategic decisions. The following are some tactical decisions:

  • workforce scheduling,

  • establishing quality assurance procedures,

  • contracting with vendors,

  • managing inventory.