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COURSE Overview

  1. Introduction (What is ADAMS, How to use help and How to build a model)

  2. Adams View Interface Overview

  3. Adams Post-processor Interface Overview

  4. Simulations

  5. Parts and Coordinate Systems

  6. Initial Conditions and Constraints

  7. Joint Primitives

  8. Joint Motion and Functions

  9. Geometry and Precise Positioning

  10. Measurements

  11. Forces and Splines

  12. Impact and Velocity Functions

  13. Step Functions and Simulation Scripts

  14. Sensors and Design Variables

  15. Multi-Component Forces

  16. FE Parts

  17. Full vehicle simulations using Adams/Car

  18. Car suspension simulations using Adams/Car

  19. Creating gears systems

  20. Creating belt systems




Course overview

  1. Basics of Finite Element Analysis

  2. Purpose Driven Finite Element Analysis using MSC Apex

  3. Meshing in 2.5D

  4. Loads and Boundary Conditions

  5. Interaction Tools

  6. Model Checks

  7. Normal Modes Analysis

  8. Buckling Analysis

  9. Frequency Response

  10. Post-Processing